Air Conditioning Management System

Central Control Keypad

Individual thermostat

Perfect Climate Control

The Air Conditioning Management System
by EVEREST Multi-Control

  • Air Conditioning Room-By-Room
    Introducing a revolution in air conditioning management: Everest Multi-Control, the foremost system to offer zone management control of central air conditioning, room by room. Compatible with any central air conditioning unit, Everest Multi-Control lets users define the temperature they want for each individual room, boosting convenience and cutting costs.

  • Increased Cost Effectiveness
    Total control means greater savings. Advanced energy-saving features, like the ability to shut off individual rooms and never to overheat or over-chill no matter how small the room, means Everest Multi-Control allows your system to use up to 60% less energy. It also allows for a 20% - 30% lowerinitial investment, since a less powerful system is required due to Everest Multi-Control's precision energy management. The result is reduced energy consumption, lower operating costs and greater efficiency.

  • Power and Precision
    Everest Multi-Control is designed to facilitate high-performance, efficient air conditioning. Its bypass damper feature recirculates excess air back through the system resulting in a more powerful A/C unit that works effectively even when operating only in a single room. The advanced technology involving electronic thermostats maintains the temperature in each room constant to within a fraction of a degree. The temperature variance that triggers motor shut-off and operation is less than 1 degree F.

  • Reliable and Safe
    To enhance reliable operation and long life of the entire system, Everest Multi-Control includes several protective mechanisms. For example, it has automatic backup heating which ensures uninterrupted operation of the A/C unit. The motor will not ice up nor will pressure build up on the compressor head. Additionally, an automatic safety shut-off mechanism protects the system in case of power cuts or surges.

User-Friendly Central Control Keypad

  • Advanced Zone Management
    Everest Multi-Control's central keypad allows for effective supervision and management of the entire system. A clear display indicates the rooms in which the air conditioning is operating and enables the user to set the temperature for individual rooms or zones. It also allows the user to program the system to operate in any combination of zones and at pre-set times. Moreover, a state of the art digital link means that Everest Multi-Control can even be operated by telephone (where available).

Individual Thermostat for Maximum Flexibility

  • Simple to Use, Easy to Install
    There are no complicated looking switchboards or panels; just a small, elegant, wall-mounted device with clearly marked keys and display. The technician's installation job is made equally quick and convenient with easy plug-in connections. Everest Multi-Control may be installed on an existing or new A/C unit, up to 6 tons.

Perfect Climate Control Throughout

  • Total Control, Close up or Remote
    Advanced electronics give users total control of up to eight separate rooms. Each room is fitted with its own individual thermostat with an on/off switch and a user-friendly digital temperature display. Room temperature can be controlled either by the room thermostat or the central keypad. All the user has to do is set the desired temperature for that room and Everest Multi-Control does the rest.